Oct 13, 2016
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street art 1.jpg

Ads… Murals… Graffiti?!

Call it what you will…  I freakin’ love it!

Driving through Nashville, I got the same feeling I get walking through a particularly good art museum. Pulling over to get a better look at my favorite pieces was definitely a highlight of my trip!

Kelsie Montague’s 20ft tall wings (pictured below) were my personal favorite, as she blends street art and social media together to engage anyone passing by in their beauty and positivity.

All of her murals, across the globe, are made specifically to invite people to step into them and join in the creativity!  Yes- I’m obsessed!!!

For those of you not close enough to step into her street art, check out her website

She’s made some fab coloring books:

What Lifts You and What Lifts Your Heart

So everyone… #WhatLiftsYou ?!