How long have you been shooting?

I fell in love with taking pictures sometime around middle school (quite possibly so my awkward self wouldn’t have to actually be in pictures), but things got real in 2007.  My sister and I needed to market the flower shop that we owned, and since it was before the days of YouTube tutorials, I got on a plane to study at 3 different photo schools I’d been stalking (located in London, Venice, and Wales).  Each had a unique approach, but together gave me a solid base of techy stuff mixed with creative challenges.  When I returned home, I quickly discovered that I could help others with this new skill set.  Every business…  every couple… every family… every traveler… every single person has a story worth sharing, and something deep within me longs to help.  Needless to say, I haven’t put my camera down since.   

Do you travel?

OF COURSE!!!  For me, few things fit together as well as travel and photography… two of my greatest loves! <3 <3 <3


  • Portraits:
    half session (up to 1 hour):  $300
    full session (up to 2 hours):  $400
  • Weddings:
    start at $1500 plus travel (if applicable)
    (include high res digital images and printing release)
  • Humanitarian:
    start at $650 day rate or $2500 week rate plus travel (if applicable)
    contact me with your specific needs
  • Corporate/Marketing/Advertising:
    contact me for your specific needs
  • Events:
    $200 the 1st hour
    $100 each following hour
    (include high res digital images and printing release)