Oct 07, 2016
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For as long as I can remember, I have LOVED country music.  I know I lost some of you right there, but for those of you still with me…

By the age of 10 I had Tim McGraw’s “Don’t take the Girl“, “Not a Moment Too Soon“, and “Refried Dreams” memorized.

Somewhere in the midst of my awkward middle school years, I discovered Faith Hill’s “This Kiss” (And- I vividly remember multiple road-trips, where I fought desperately against the bumps in the road, in the back seat of our family’s suburban, to keep the cd player from skipping a beat on that song… that had been on repeat for hours.)

 Then came, “There Will Come a Day“… Yes, it still gives me chills.

Soon after that, my sister’s cool older guy friends changed the words from “Just to See You Smile” to include her name.

Then my family started attending “Strait Fest”…

Basically- I’ve been a fan of this superstar couple forever!

So, when a tour bus guide in Nashville casually mentioned that Faith Hill AND Tim McGraw would be inducted into the Music City Walk of Fame, the fan-girl in me took over.

Note to self: Always listen to the tour bus guide!!!

*Fun bonus facts-

1. Reba McEntire presented both of them with their stars!

2. Yes, ladies… I’ve touched Tim McGraw. 


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Faith Hill_Tim McGraw2.jpg