Feb 16, 2017
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A good friend once called me a “bit granola”.

I took offense until he went on to explain, “you know… you like outside and campfires, art and plants… and Fleetwood Mac… that’s pretty granola”.

At that point I couldn’t really argue- I’m a huge fan of all of those things!

So, is it really a surprise to anyone that I’d fall in love with a giant art piece in the middle of a field made by a bunch of hippies?

On Old Route 66 (on the South side of Interstate 40, just Southwest of Amarillo) sits Cadillac Ranch.  It was created in 1973 when Texas millionaire, Stanley Marsh 3 (yes- that’s a “3” not “III”, as he felt that “III” was too pretentious) enlisted the help of a group artists, from San Fransisco, know as the “Ant Farm”.

The group acquired 10 Cadillacs (model years from 1948 to 1963) mainly from junkyards and buried them facing west, with the intent to display the “Golden Age” of American automobiles to the public.  At the time, they had their original paint jobs.  But almost from the moment the piece was complete, vandals started painting their names on the cars, smashing in the windows, and stealing souvenirs… like the radios, wheels, and even some of the doors.

While the wheels have since been welded to the axels, the tradition continues…  Visitors are encouraged to bring their own spray can and get creative.  Just don’t expect your display to stay long as most creations last only hours before another visitor comes along to add yet another layer.

So, blame it on my “granola” tendencies if you must, but I absolutely LOVE THIS PLACE!

I LOVE the idea that out under an open sky, people from all walks of life, every gender, religion, preference, orientation, race, class, capability… People from every type of background come… because everyone is welcome, and everyone has something to add to this constantly changing piece of art.

In Marsh’s words own words “We think it looks better every year”.

Cadillac Ranch_001.jpg
Cadillac Ranch_004.jpg
Cadillac Ranch_003.jpg
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