May 03, 2017
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I often find myself torn between wanting an evening out and just wanting to chill.  Maybe that’s why I’m still swooning over Marfa.

With options like Capri, I found myself right at home… not at home.

We started there, then headed out to The McDonnald Observatory for the Star Party… and yes, my nerd self loved every minute of it!

***If you’re planning a date night… this could be a good one.  But, be sure to MAKE RESERVATIONS in advance and BRING A JACKET (or even a blanket) as it can get pretty chilly out there!



601 W San Antonio St.  Marfa, TX  79843


3640 Dark Sky Dr.  Fort Davis, TX 79734

Prada Marfa… The West Texas store with thousands of visitors but no customers.


  • It was never open for business. 

The front door doesn’t even open!  The artists, Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, made it as a “pop architectural land art project” and since its creation in 2005, it’s taken on a life of its own.

  • It was intended never to be repaired. 

The original concept was to leave the work to crumble into the landscape, but in the last decade it has been robbed and defaced on several occasions.

  • Miuccia Prada, herself, selected the items inside from the Fall 2005 collection.
  • It is now considered a museum. 

To protect it from threatened demolition for being an illegal advertisement, it was declared a museum… even though it has only one exhibit.


  • Around back there’s a love lock wall on the fence. 

(Cliche as they are, I kind of adore them.)

  • No, it’s not 2 dimensional! 

Despite the conspiracy theories and possible aliens, its a building.  I guess a lot of people take pictures straight on from the front, so others, who haven’t seen it in person, are left wondering?  In case there is any doubt, let me put this to rest.  I’ve been there… It has 4 walls.

  • To date, the hashtag #PradaMarfa has been used on Instagram over 26,000 times.

“It’s taken on its own life. But we don’t mind – the ideas behind the work survive and hopefully make more people interested in contemporary art” – Ingar Dragset

PRADA MARFA is situated 1.4 miles northwest of Valentine, Texas, just off U.S. Highway 90, and about 26 miles northwest of the city of Marfa.

(Photos of Rachael courtesy of Kristen Collie)

Apr 21, 2017
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Step 1: Check into El Cosmico.


Step 2: Grab some coffee at Do Your Thing.


Step 3: Hang out in downtown Marfa.

See Marfa Public Radio, check out the art in Ballroom Marfa,

pick up some literature at Marfa Book Company, and browse shops like Cobra Rock!

cobra rock.jpg


Photos of Rachael courtesy of Kristen Collie.

Feb 16, 2017
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A good friend once called me a “bit granola”.

I took offense until he went on to explain, “you know… you like outside and campfires, art and plants… and Fleetwood Mac… that’s pretty granola”.

At that point I couldn’t really argue- I’m a huge fan of all of those things!

So, is it really a surprise to anyone that I’d fall in love with a giant art piece in the middle of a field made by a bunch of hippies?

On Old Route 66 (on the South side of Interstate 40, just Southwest of Amarillo) sits Cadillac Ranch.  It was created in 1973 when Texas millionaire, Stanley Marsh 3 (yes- that’s a “3” not “III”, as he felt that “III” was too pretentious) enlisted the help of a group artists, from San Fransisco, know as the “Ant Farm”.

The group acquired 10 Cadillacs (model years from 1948 to 1963) mainly from junkyards and buried them facing west, with the intent to display the “Golden Age” of American automobiles to the public.  At the time, they had their original paint jobs.  But almost from the moment the piece was complete, vandals started painting their names on the cars, smashing in the windows, and stealing souvenirs… like the radios, wheels, and even some of the doors.

While the wheels have since been welded to the axels, the tradition continues…  Visitors are encouraged to bring their own spray can and get creative.  Just don’t expect your display to stay long as most creations last only hours before another visitor comes along to add yet another layer.

So, blame it on my “granola” tendencies if you must, but I absolutely LOVE THIS PLACE!

I LOVE the idea that out under an open sky, people from all walks of life, every gender, religion, preference, orientation, race, class, capability… People from every type of background come… because everyone is welcome, and everyone has something to add to this constantly changing piece of art.

In Marsh’s words own words “We think it looks better every year”.

Cadillac Ranch_001.jpg
Cadillac Ranch_004.jpg
Cadillac Ranch_003.jpg
Cadillac Ranch_005.jpg
Cadillac Ranch_007.jpg
Cadillac Ranch_008.jpg
Cadillac Ranch_009.jpg

Feb 07, 2017
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It’s not every day you find a building with local art, candy, and a wine smoothie!

Enter Nashville’s historic Marathon Motor Building.

If you have a couple of hours, check out the shops and take the kids into The Bang Candy Company, (known for their homemade marshmallows).

Or if you have a bit more time, wind down with a wine smoothie at Grinders Switch Winery  or go on a whiskey tasting/tour of Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery .  (They know what they’re doing… they were one of the largest brands before prohibition!)

Just be sure to stay away from Safe House Tattoo post tasting. 😉

Marathon Motor Building_1.jpg

Marathon Motor Building_2.jpg
Marathon Motor Building_3.jpg

Marathon Motor Building_4.jpg

Marathon Motor Building_5.jpg

Feb 02, 2017
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When I was little, I loved watching Minnie Pearl in the Grand Ole Opry, with my granny.  So, being in Nashville, I had to take the backstage tour… and even got to stand in the historic Circle! It really is overwhelming to think of all the talent that has been on that stage!

“You think about people like Hank Williams, who stood on that spot of wood, and Mr. Acuff, and, of course, George Jones and just about anybody you can think of who has made country music has been on that stage. That’s what makes you so nervous – to think about the historical part of the Opry and how it’s played such a part in country music.” -Opry member, Alan Jackson.

grand ole opry.jpg
grand ole opry2.jpg

Jan 30, 2017
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When the “wurst” is actually the best!

Known for their “wurst-burgers”, beer garden, and old school soda fountain, The Pharmacy was everything I hoped it would be!!!

What’s that bright orange drink pictured below?..

The Creamsicle:

orange soda, cream and vanilla syrup.



Dec 01, 2016
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Need a little spice in your life?

Known for their hot chicken and sassy nature, Hattie B’s won’t disappoint!

It’s so good there’ll probably be a significant line, but don’t worry, it moves quickly and it’s worth the wait!

*Can’t handle the heat? Order it “Southern”.  There’s no heat but still packed with flavor!

Hattie Bs_1.jpg
Hattie Bs_2.jpg
Hattie Bs_5.jpg
Hattie Bs_4.jpg
Hattie Bs_3.jpg

Nov 22, 2016
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“If we get up early, we can get pancakes”… is probably the best motivation to get me out of bed on a Saturday morning.

And I’m so glad I did because the Pancake Pantry has


(Which you can cover in cinnamon syrup!)

Yes- it’s as good as it sounds!

*Don’t be discouraged if there is a line out the door, it moves a lot faster than you think it will.

pancake pantry_1.jpg
pancake pantry_2.jpg
pancake pantry_3.jpg
pancake pantry_4.jpg

Nov 03, 2016
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“It’s like Anthropology with a bowling alley and food… and without the clothes.”, is how my friend, Megan, described it to me.

And she was right!

With its vintage meets modern decor, Pinewood Social, is definitely a place I can hang… like ALL DAY.

From coffee and breakfast in the morning, to bowling with friends on your lunch break, to working the rest of the day on your laptop, to cocktails with a coworker, to dinner with a date… this place comfortably meets all your needs!

I think I may just move in!

Pinewood Social.jpg